Tuesday, October 20, 2009


As we have been finally finishing our studio space...painting walls, building shelves... i have been able to start unpacking some of last boxes from the move. For me, books in a home library or office space are a sure sign of being settled in. Kitchens and bedrooms are always top priority. Living rooms so you have a place to unwind and kids playrooms are soon to follow. Room by room boxes disappear and living spaces are claimed. So when the books at last make it to the shelves, for me it is officially home.

As each book is unpacked and placed on a shelf, it is a way of revisiting where you were when you acquired it. My first art books from college - going through my early "culture" phase. Garden books that have been used so often they are perfectly worn with sections that keep falling out where they broke free from their binding long ago. Journals from every year since 1984 in which the handwriting and entries echo my maturity or lack there of in the year they were written. Each book tells a story within a story and finding a new home for them gives new spaces a sense of history. I look forward to seeing what books will fill in the empty spaces on these shelves.


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