Sunday, August 23, 2009

visual aids.

I have just returned from a long weekend in NYC wedding dress shopping with my baby sister for her upcoming big day. (Yes, I still consider her my baby sister even though we are in our 30's!) Amongst the piles of white and champagne colored dresses we started brainstorming about what designs we want to incorporate into her wedding stationery and decor. When faced with the final choice of three equally stunning but extremely varied style dresses, we knew we would find some assistance by conjuring up images of what the overall day would look like.

Our favorite word used to describe her vision is "organic." Not one to follow convention, my sister thankfully is one of those brides that any designer would die to work with. We have been conjuring up images of a very deconstructed and atypical NYC wedding style that will incorporate her flare for fashion and appreciation of eclectic vintage and his casual playfulness and love of life.

The NYC skyline that is the backdrop at her venue lends itself to so many different options. Here my dear sister are a few images just to aid in the dress choice. I look forward to a fun and creative 9 months with you and camper of the century! :)

apologize for the bad crediting. images found on Style Me Pretty, Sunday Suppers, snippet & ink, Justin & Mary, and a few others.


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