Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lost art.

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Ask yourself this question....

When was the last time you wrote a letter? No, we mean WROTE a letter. Pen, paper, envelope, stamp.

Blogging, emails, tweets and texts don't count. 

There is something about the written word that is unlike most of our communications today. There is no delete button, no spell checks, no LOLs, :) or the like.  It is where you sit down and formulate your thoughts in your head before memorializing them on paper.  You utilize your best handwriting.  Your personality comes through rather than the impersonal computer font. You're more likely to say the things that need to be said instead of the minute by minute status updates of things like what you had for lunch that day.  And because they seem so personal to the receiver, they are often saved and reread days, weeks or even years later.

It is an art form all its own and something that is rarely given the time in today's all too hurried pace.  Don't you agree?  If so, please don't comment to this post, just send us a note.

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