Wednesday, March 11, 2009

brand loyalty.

According to the New York Times, Tropicana will be switching its revamped packaging for the previous longtime look. This change is coming after numerous phone calls, emails and letters from loyal customers demanded for the return of the original packaging. I know many people, myself included, were puzzled by the choice of the new look. But as a design company, we have a few thoughts on the matter...

First, kudos to Tropicana for making the effort to innovate their image. It takes guts to try a different direction and attempt to bring a new face to a brand after being established for so long. When is a look tried and true and when does it become outdated? That is often a very fine line.

Second, cheers to the major corporation for listening and caring about what their customers thought and taking the action to bring back the original look.

They have succeeded in creating a brand recognition that customers are passionate about. And while the new packaging may not have been a success, it is evident that their product is.

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