Wednesday, February 18, 2009

in the beginning.

Flowers, bright yellow smiling suns, superheroes, rocket ships, houses with stick figure families, enormous dinosaurs, an under-the-sea odyssey.....

It only takes a few minutes of watching a child draw or to think back to when you were a kid to remember how much we loved to create.  I remember when a new pack of crayons and a blank piece of paper was the exciting beginning of a soon to be fantasy world of my own design (and I am sure a well-timed few hours of quiet for my parents!)  For Ernie, any scrap of blank paper lying around his house became a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities.  The perfect escape.

It is important to remember those early beginnings.  The love of creating for no reason at all. The uninhibited imagination.  

Tap into that inner child.  It is amazing what you might discover when you free your mind.

rachel | ernie

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