Friday, February 20, 2009

green friday.

We all love Fridays!  dreamscapes design group is dedicating our Friday blogs to green inspired themes.  Hopefully these tips and ideas will give you some inspiration to live your weekends a little greener and thus a little happier!

So our first green suggestion while not glamorous is certain to make big difference in your office practices.  Get ready to be the office hero Monday morning!

Workplaces can now replace conventional petroleum-based toner cartridges with eco-friendly soy-based toner.  Not only does every pound of soy-based toner save two liters of petroleum from being used, they also prevent the release of harmful volatile organic compounds and other petroleum byproducts that damage our environment.  Need another reason to make the switch? In product testing, SoyPrint cartridges performed similar to or better than comparable conventional brand-named toner cartridges.

Check out these and other groundbreaking green products at The Green Office.

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