Saturday, January 24, 2009

why host green?

dreamscapes design group is committed to hosting as many of our clients through the use of green energy as possible. 

What is green web hosting and why is it so important?

We are fortunate to be entering an era where "green" is no longer associated with a lack of quality and where educated individuals are not only looking to make their mark on the world, but are also thinking about how our actions, purchasing habits and businesses can positively or negatively impact our world.  In the design world this has shown itself in the use of eco-friendly papers, inks, recycling practices, sustainable product design, and green web hosting.

Green hosting is when  your website is hosted by a company that uses 100% renewable energy (provided by wind, solar, etc...)  instead of utilizing traditional power.  Using clean renewable energy benefits the environment and reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases. dreamscapes design group hosts with a company named HostPapa, which is one of a few companies that can boast that their servers and company use 100% wind generated power.  When hosting with these companies you can put one of their "go green" tags on your website to let your visitors and customers know that you not only care about your business, but are looking for alternative ways to give back to our environment as well.  When our environment is protected, we all prosper.

For more information on how dreamscapes design group can help you make the switch to green, email us at or call 860.367.2985.

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