Thursday, August 26, 2010

top 10 funny things clients say.

Here at dreamscapes design group, we are so fortunate to have such amazing clients.  Most of the time, we not only end up with a new client... but a friend.

STILL.... no design studio can get away with not hearing funny things from their clients from time to time.  Here is our compilation of funny things our clients have said in the past year. {and if any our clients are reading this and you recognize the comment... know we STILL love you!! It's all part of the process!}

1. "Can you help me create a Face Space account?"

2. "We have been thinking about getting into social media, but we want to wait to see if it is really going to catch on."

3. I literally received an email the other night which read, "I am so sorry but I will need to email you the copy I am supposed to send you for our website tomorrow.  My email isn't working"  Me, "Thanks for sending me the email that your email isn't working. I will look for it tomorrow!"

4. "Can you make the logo bigger?" {This is probably only funny to other designers.}

5. Client, "My internet is broken. I type in my website and I don't come up."  Me, "When I type it in it works..." Client, "Not for me.  See.... www....." {client said website to me while typing it in}  Me, "That isn't your website!"

6.  "Should I have a blog? I don't really know what that is, but everyone else seems to have one."

7. I was trying to explain what foursquare is to a client who asked me about what it was.  The client looked at me in complete disbelief.  She said, "so let me get this straight.  You check-in and post everywhere you go and all your friends can see it?" Me, "pretty much." Client, "and WHY would I want to do that??" Me, "I haven't really figured that out yet.  I guess so you can see if anyone you know is there or nearby." Client, "Not for me.  I spend most of my time trying to avoid the people I know."

8. "I want to make sure you use a punch of color.  Like red.  But not red red.  Like a pink red.  But definitely so it reads red and not pink. More like a real red." {yeah, let us just look up real red in the Pantone book!}

9. We were on a conference call with a client a few months ago and we recorded the conversation so we could go back and write down more details for the project later. The client was told the call was being recorded.  The client responded, "Can this be used against me later?" We responded, "I thought we were discussing your branding. Is there something else you plan on telling us??"

And my favorite funny comment a client has said.....

10. "I want to be number one on Google."

To our clients... thanks for making us giggle! We love you all and feel truly honored to work with you.

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  1. As one designer to another, that was a good chuckle. I've heard many of these before... and from multiple clients!