Thursday, July 29, 2010

dreamscapes hearts justin + mary photography.

One of the greatest joys of working in the design world is the opportunities it affords to work with other like-minded and insanely talented individuals.  Each new client opens a door to work with photographers, videographers, copy writers, printers, handmade paper designers and so many other individuals who rock their fields! These types of collaborations not only inspire but challenge us to bring our best work to the table so that the end result of the joint effort exceeds all of our wildest expectations and results with a client who loves us forever.

This one is personal.

Ernie and I had the honor of working with my only sister and now brother-in-law on their wedding.  From save-the-dates, invitations, seating cards, custom illustrated tote bags and more, we were able to have a hand in turning their wedding vision into a reality.

And what a reality it was.

So, to capture the moments I could only think of one team.  The artistic, emotion capturing, so-talented-it-isn't-fair, husband and wife duo which is Justin + Mary Photography.  I had to share some of the first images to be posted on their blog yesterday.   It is truly eye candy for the soul.

So, if you are one of our next clients who want images that will truly capture who you are.... allow us to make the introduction.


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