Thursday, July 1, 2010

always a bride.

It's funny the different paths life leads you on.

When my ex and I started the winery, hosting weddings wasn't even something on our radar.  But as we started on our journey, I found myself thinking that the location was too beautiful to not host the beginning of a unique journey for other couples.

It started simply with Bill + Sally and when I left the winery to start on a different path, I had witnessed no less than 200 weddings.  Hundreds of first kisses, first dances, tears of joy, loving glances, shared hopes and forever memories.

Through the years, I have had the great fortune to be allowed into these couples lives at a very precious time in theirs.  Occasionally, the couple is so wonderful, so warm, so in love, so appreciative... it makes a lasting impression and they are forever part of my memory. Sometimes they will visit.  Occasionally we get together. Once in a while I receive emails or photos of children that have come into their world.  For me, it is magical to see how they mature and grow and become this family that they once dreamed about and shared with me through ear to ear smiles.  I still see them... nervous and excited and dressed in white....

So to Janel, Holly, Liz, Julie, Caroline, Katy, Stacy and all the other lovely ladies who welcomed me into their moment and have stayed in touch over the years... to me, you will forever be "my brides."


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  1. You are too sweet Rachel! With love, Janel