Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this path of ours.

We have been so fortunate this year.  The house I purchased last July that seemed so foreign has now been filled with almost a years worth of memories and firsts.  My children had an incredible year with neighborhood friends and their new school.  Plants I hurried to put in the ground last fall to take root, are popping up like they have been here forever and creating that welcoming landscape I so cherish.

It feels like a home.

What's more amazing... is that the empty studio that now houses dreamscapes design group has blossomed into a thriving business.  The creative projects that have been produced, the new clients we have met with and collaborate with, the hours spent brainstorming, drawing, designing and programming... mean something.  dreamscapes is no longer just the dream of two people, it is where people come when they want a strong voice for their business, a unique brand, a dynamic web site, attention grabbing marketing materials, a presence in social media or a concrete plan for where their business is heading.

dreamscapes design group is becoming what we hoped, prayed and dreamed it would become.

But being the person I am, I still have those moments of panic.  Are we doing well enough? Are we giving our clients everything we've got? Should we be busier? Are we too busy?  Will we be able to continue to grow? Are we learning quick enough? What if we make a mistake?

If you own your own business, these questions are nothing new.  They are the same questions any business owner asks themselves.  The what ifs can drive you crazy and certainly impede on the creative process.

And then I hear guitar music coming from the other room.  Where I can stress myself {and anyone around me!} out beyond belief... my partner does just the opposite.  When he hits a creative wall or a project just won't come together, he walks away.  He goes in the other room and he plays his guitar.  There is something about that sound that can just break through all the mental clutter and calm like nothing else.  It enables me to clear my head, take a deep breath and continue on our path.

And this path is a great one.


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