Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a pinch of fresh herbs.

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As soon as the weather starts to warm up a bit and the sun comes out I immediately begin thinking of my garden.  

Each year, my garden is a chance to build upon what was created in past years and add new elements based on what I have learned, our changing needs and how much time I have.  We have been fortunate to be really busy here at dreamscapes so this year I am planning on incorporating my vegetables and herbs into my daily living to avoid the trap of having to "head out to the vegetable garden."  This year, frequently used herbs will be planted mostly in pots within close reach right out the kitchen door for convenient use.  More substantial veggies will be potted in larger planters around the stone patio for quick harvests before dinner.

The idea of the upcoming spring and summer season re-inspires after a long winter and I have already begun starting small planted herbs in my kitchen window to be moved outside as soon as the threat of frost disappears.  Potted snippings from the garden also make lovely hostess gifts for all those seasonal barbeques and casual gatherings that make that time of year so memorable.


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