Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what great brands do.

I read an article from Fast Company years ago that always stuck with me and helps define what we do for our clients when creating a brand.  You should refer to the article here for detailed info but below are the key points for what a great brand does.

A great brand is in it for the long haul.

A great brand can be anything.

A great brand knows itself.

A great brand invests or reinvents an entire category.

A great brand taps into emotions.

A great brand is a story that is never completely told.

A great brand has design consistency.

A great brand is relevant.

and our own addition.....
A great brand builds trust.

What does your brand say?
Speak with us to learn more about your brand and what dreamscapes design group can do for you.

The author of the article touched on insight from Scott Bedbury who gave the world 'Just do It' and Frappuccino.

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