Monday, September 21, 2009

web design trends.

images from Line 25 and Smashing Magazine

After the most perfect fall weather weekend, it is easy to start Monday off feeling refreshed and creative. Since we are brainstorming and sketching web design ideas today for some fabulously talented new clients, I thought I would share two of my favorite web design trends from 2009.

I have always loved paper. Books, magazines, note cards... they all have that sense of touch that adds such an important element in design. I often turn to luxurious papers, gorgeous letterpress designs and dynamic magazine spreads for inspiration when embarking on a new digital project. Yes the medium is different with web, but bridging the gap between the two and translating some of that texture and design into screen layouts makes for richer web experiences. Sites don't have to always be glossy with numerous flash elements to grab your attention. Often, the sites that can engage the majority of your senses and bring some "real life" familiarity have a more lasting effect.

Letterpress on screen? Magazine designs for your blog? Absolutely! We no longer need to be limited to the expected or give up things we love from print design when creating our online presences. In today's world we want it all, and what is wrong with that?


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