Thursday, August 27, 2009

support local.

Driving my son to soccer practice the other day, I finally noticed the modest sign of the farm I had heard so much about over the years. Four Mile River Farm in Old Lyme, CT has sourced some of my favorite local restaurants with beef, pork and eggs and I have always wanted to visit.

So on the drive back I stopped in to see what this was all about. Within a minute of getting out of my car I was greeted by none other than Nunzio Corsino, who along with his wife Irene owns and runs the farm. He was about to head out for some work, but graciously showed me around. He explained the honor code system they have in place for purchases and even gave me a tour of the facility which even to my obsessive standards was pristine.

His passion for what they do is evident. Nunzio and Irene take a great amount of pride in the natural and stress-free way they raise their animals. To them, this is a way of life that is driven by their love of animals and the land. Now joining the family business is their son and daughter who have expanded the operation to include landscape services and a soon to come delivery service.

I finally decided on a dozen eggs (I now need a new source for my farm eggs since leaving my chickens behind in the move), a package of their fresh ground beef to make burgers and some kielbasa. I am holding on to Summer and if I can't grill it, I don't cook it!

The best compliment I can give is that my extremely picky 8 year old said to me, "Mama, these are the best burgers ever!" A loyal customer they have earned.

You can find Four Mile River Farm's natural meats served at a few select restaurants and shops including one of my favorites, River Tavern in Chester, CT as well as at farmer's markets throughout the state. A complete listing is available on their website.


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