Friday, August 14, 2009

green friday, greener paint.

After painting wall after wall, room after room in my new house (thank you Ernie!) if you didn't realize before you definitely understand why using eco-friendly paint is so important.  In addition to caring about the environment, I also care about being able to wipe down walls after dirty, sticky little hand prints, mud splattered from the dog running through the house, and just plain durability.  Do you really want to have to paint that room again to freshen it up in a year??

Kudos to Benjamin Moore (whose paints I have loved for years) for creating two lines of paint that give us sustainability without compromising quality. Aura interior paint is their highest quality paint delivering remarkable durability with exceptional color for walls that are gorgeous and washable in any sheen. It is low VOC and low odor and was my choice of paint for my heaviest use rooms such as the kitchen, entrance and hallways.

The Natura line is where they really blew me away.  Virtually odorless, Natura is the greenest and safest paint on the market having the lowest (zero) VOC emissions of any national paint brand.  It is quick drying, covers beautifully and is also washable.  This was my paint of choice for all the bedrooms, living room, dining room, etc... 

Finally, paint that allows my house to look like a designer home while living a chaotic family lifestyle!


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