Friday, July 31, 2009

green friday, green gardening.

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Yup.  Rain again.  If I had a garden this year, I guess I wouldn't mind so much but due to the move I haven't been able to get my garden established yet and so it just seems like another wet, dreary day. (Although I just finished having the existing gardens here cleaned up, defined and mulched and I am excited about the blank canvas in front of me. Many thanks to my dear friends at Wertheimer & Associates who have been gardening with me for almost 9 years)

This is one of those days where you don't feel guilty curling up in a cozy spot and getting lost in a good book.  There are so many beautiful garden books out there to turn to for inspiration and my shelves are packed with numerous favorites on topics ranging from planting a vegetable garden to designing intimate gardens for small spaces.

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One favorite has recently been updated and deserves mention.  I purchased The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrosch in 1996 when planting my very own first garden.  Her book is my garden bible and not a season goes by without me referring to it.  My old copy is filled with highlights and dog eared pages to the point where the entire book seems to be marked!  Always one to resist new editions, when I heard she printed a second edition last year I was hesitant to even look, however her new edition is incredible with an enormous emphasis on 100% organic gardening.  From beginner to master gardener, her book is filled with useful information and is an absolute must own.


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