Friday, July 17, 2009

good to be back.

I have missed you all!  

This move has really thrown me for a loop. All the packing, moving, unpacking... I feel completely disorganized. When I unplugged my computer and threw all my cords and routers in a box, I had no idea it would be 10 days later that I would finally have the chance to try and make sense of the tangle of wires that was once my life line to my online world. And who even remembers which plug goes to which piece of equipment and how did I hook this all up to begin with??

As I settle into my new office and begin to catch up with my life I would first like to thank all our blogging friends who have given so much support during this life change.  You will never know how much your comments and words of encouragement meant to me.

We will be back to our daily blogging next week. It feels so nice to be back :)

Have a wonderful weekend! I will be unpacking.


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