Wednesday, July 1, 2009

color inspiration.

image found on simple song by Debi Treloar

Whether working on a project for a client, decorating a room in your home, even when plating that perfectly balanced meal you just prepared... color choices are an integral part of what makes anything visual appealing and beautiful.  The right color combination is critical and finding the inspiration for those choices can often seem overwhelming.

There are many places I turn to when looking for inspiration but one is often overlooked.  The closet.  Sure we all flip through magazines, look at websites, glance out the window into a beautiful garden or grab ideas from a favorite piece of artwork, but the closet can really open the window to new ideas.  

If working with a new client (especially on a decorating project) their wardrobe choices can tell you a lot about their color preferences and style.  I have often used a beloved dress with a gorgeous fabric as inspiration for the colors and style in a room.   And a handmade scarf that once belonged to a client's grandmother became the palate for her wedding invitation suite.

Homework assignment:

Take a peek into your closet today and see what inspiration you find.... you might be surprised!

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  1. What a great tip! Thanks for sharing! I never would have thought to check the closet for inspiration, but you're right. One's wardrobe really does tell you a lot. = )