Friday, June 5, 2009

green friday, green soles.

I had been coveting a friend's shoes at dinner the other night.   So cute, so casual and they looked so comfy. I had to get them!  Much to my delight, not only did she tell me they were made by Simple (I have been a fan of their shoe line for years) but they were also vegan friendly and 100% green!  Excellent... guilt free shoe shopping!

Just received them in the mail yesterday (the ones pictured at the bottom), and they are absolutely as cute and comfy as they appeared. The perfect summer walking shoe.  They are made of hemp, 100% organic cotton and the coolest part is the outer soles are made from recycled tires.  A member of their Green Toe collection, you are sure to find a style that suits your style.

Part of their manifesto reads:

It's time for
More give than take
More good than bad
More positive than negative

I know it seems like just a pair of shoes.  But what better a way to start living a new lifestyle one sustainable step at a time.


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