Friday, June 26, 2009

green friday, green picnicware.

You grab your picnic basket, pack it with all your favorite picnic type foods (mine would definitely include cold fried chicken!) and set off for the quintessential outdoor feast. You lay out your blanket in the grass or on the beach, enjoy your goodies, relax in the sun and as the afternoon begins to fade you get ready to head out. This is where the perfect summer activity turns ugly. Too often in picnic friendly areas you see all too much unfriendly picnic litter. Plastic plates, cups, bags and utensils are scattered everywhere left behind by lazy clean ups or blown around from overfilled garbage cans.

So what is an enviro-friendly picnicker to do? Sure you can bring reusable china with you but then you have the extra weight and mess in your basket after your meal. Not to mention one of the perks of a picnic... no dirty dishes to wash!

Enter bio-degradable picnic ware from Firebox. It is 100% made from bio-degradable cassava so while you still want to throw your trash in the appropriate designated area, if something gets accidentally left behind it will disintegrate in a week if left in standing water or decompose in a few months if left out. It even returns natural starch into the soil.

So go ahead! Picnic away! Go on with your green selves!

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