Thursday, June 11, 2009

evolution of a brand: part one.

Client's visual for logo concept
Final logo design by dreamscapes design group

It is always fun to get in on a project from the very beginning. With no existing images, colors or branding to work around it is like a fresh canvas with unlimited possibilities. We were thrilled when asked by a new client to help her establish an identity and web site for her new venture. Fun to work with from our initial conversation, Kathy has a clear vision of who she is, yet is really open to the creative process. The ideal client!

With images of palm trees dancing in her head, Kathy would sketch image after image when it hit her that she had to use that imagery in her logo. Given the sketch above, we were able to play with different ideas and figure out how it would all come together. After creating numerous digital images of palm trees, it became clear that since Kathy's wares were so artistic and unique, her logo needed to reflect that artistry. That is when Ernie traded his mouse for paint brushes and began turning to watercolors to really give that "look" that only true art can give. The image is playful, colorful and completely one-of-a-kind evoking that feeling of paradise. With a defining image, it became easier to finalize the name of the company and complete the logo to what you see above.

The logo for Island Baking Company is a great reflection of what is to come from this new company. Now on to creating business cards and her web site, which is sure to be fabulous. We will post more on the evolution of this project and will post a link to her new site once it is up and running. We are sure you will want to immediately start ordering her delectables as the perfect gift for any occasion or just to indulge yourself. Thanks Kathy for the privilege of collaborating with you on such a fun project!

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