Friday, May 22, 2009

green friday, greener cup of joe.

It plays out like this:

You wake up groggy, and stumble into the kitchen to make your morning coffee. You plug in the coffeemaker (because we know by now you are NOT leaving your appliances plugged in!) and wait the 10 minutes for the pot to brew. You pour a cup, race to get ready for work, leave the finished cup on the counter (and the rest of the coffee in the pot) and run out the door, maybe grabbing another cup on your way in to work from your coffee shop of choice in a disposable cup.

Sound familiar??

Hey, we are not perfect and we all have our days where convenience wins. But here is how you can make an energy saving choice most mornings, really have your taste buds come alive and sip guilt free on the mornings that you just don't have the time. (Not to mention saving you money and who doesn't wake up to the sound of that?)

The use of a French Press is wonderful on so many levels. You heat up water, use an organic coffee and in a few minutes you have the most flavorful brewed coffee you can imagine! It makes the perfect amount of coffee for your morning cup and has enough left over to fill a reusable travel mug for the way in. No disposable filters required.

The perfect, green way to start your day. How you get through the rest of it is up to you.

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