Thursday, May 28, 2009

green friday, green sarcasm.

Birthdays, anniversaries, pregnancies, baby showers, bridal showers, holidays, blah blah blah. There seems like a never ending list of reasons why you need to send out a ton of cards every year to a never ending list of people. How many times can you send the same expected sweet sentiment time after time after time?

If you feel like sending cards this year that say exactly what is on your mind, then Hard Cards is the company for you. Made from 100% post consumer waste and printed with soy ink (so them already!) these cards still get a chuckle, but this time from saying the truth.

But behind that brutal honesty, is a company who doesn't take life's moments too seriously, supports local designers and printers and gives back 5% of their proceeds to a number of different social causes.

We'd say have a fabulous weekend, but you know it is only going to be mediocre filled with home projects and commitments you don't really want to do!

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