Thursday, April 2, 2009

home is where the heart is.

I have been house hunting. New chapter, new home. Part of me excited, part of me sad.

8 years I have been in this house. The memories flood each room.....

Gracie was born here. I remember putting her in the bay window to sleep her first day home. The kids growth chart is the back of our basement door. Every October the kids look forward to seeing how much bigger they have gotten in the last year. Alex learning to throw a ball in the backyard at the age of 2....he is in the majors of our town league now. Little footprints in the hall - a permanent reminder of Gracie forgetting we painted our bedroom floor and once she realized, thought she could run back to her room unnoticed. Every step memorialized in my favorite blue...I refused to let the painters clean it! Years of home projects, hanging pictures just so, seasons of love put into my gardens and the joy of the different arrangements brought indoors when each plant blooms.

life moments...

I find myself going back and forth over what style of new home I want. What will be the backdrop for my future memories? Open, airy, bright cottage? Older home with history and charm? Newer home where everything works?? (Wouldn't that be a change!)

And then it comes into focus. Me, Alex and Gracie.....


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