Saturday, April 11, 2009

cottage inspiration.

images found on ABCDDesign by Windsor Smith

I have been looking at house after house after house after house after house. The mission is to find the perfect nest for me and my little ones.

I finally found what speaks to me. The refurbished capes have all the quaintness and charm of a New England home with the bright, cheeriness of a country cottage. Slanted ceilings in cozy upstairs bedrooms lend itself to reading nooks and tucked- in sleeping spaces. Dormers are the perfect spot for a window seat for my daughter to stare out to the backyard and dream. And the smaller spaces encourage a minimalistic approach to living that appeals to me on so many levels. (Think lack of overindulgence and simpler life philosophies)

Add my white wicker furniture to the little stone patio out back...hang my hammock from the two big trees in the yard....

The picture is coming a little more into focus.


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