Thursday, March 12, 2009

we all have some.

We are taken aback when people tell us (often) that they aren't the creative type. We will sit in their gorgeous homes they decorated themselves. They will show us their vacation photos with some really cool artistic shots. They will arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers from seasonal blooms from their own gardens. They will cook a meal with a new twist they found while experimenting.

Not creative? Creativity goes beyond paints, pencils or the ability to design on paper or any other medium. Creativity is a state of mind. A way of living life that takes many shapes and forms. We all have the ability to be creative. You just need to let go of your inhibitions and tap into ways of expressing yourself and your thoughts. We need to stop focusing on the things we tell ourselves we can't do, and start looking at ourselves through less critical eyes.

Photo found on design is mine and taken by Uniform Studio

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