Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Some of our favorite projects to work on involve package design. A unique type of branding, it involves not only identifying a company but showcasing a product and being able to quickly and effectively communicate its' essence to drive sales.

We are absolutely loving these prepared food packages which are part of a new chain of food stores in the UK launched by the brilliant Jamie Oliver. Named Recipease, (more on why I adore this name later) these stores are a new twist on the traditional food store where shoppers can not only pick up prepared meals, but can also prepare meals in store under the guidance of professional chefs. Continuing with his philosophy, these stores are designed to inspire more people to take an interest in food and cooking. From concept to launch, we think they did an outstanding job.

Why do I love the name so much? Over 10 years ago when working on a name and branding project for a new business that would be a grocery delivery service, I came up with the name of grocerease. And quite frankly, the idea that Jamie and I were thinking along the same lines at some point in our lives, is nothing short of lovely for this fan! :)

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