Thursday, February 5, 2009

fleeting thoughts to big ideas.

photo courtesy of  designobserver and taken by Kai Semela

Ever have a moment of inspiration?  A great idea?  A random picture of something in your head?  Here is an example of how keeping a journal with you to get all those thoughts on paper can mean more than you would think.  Designer Michael Bierut has 85 journals that document his working life spanning three decades.  

Every day thoughts pop in our heads that we either dismiss or think we will remember later and are forever lost.  It is the moments when we are just living life that true inspiration is able to come through.  It is difficult to be creative on demand.  By journaling our impressions and experiences we are able to pull from those thoughts later and incorporate them in our work. When these ideas run through your head, write them down.  It might be interesting to see what comes of them and at the very least you are guaranteed to learn more about yourself.

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