Wednesday, December 17, 2008

we're on our way.

We just launched our temporary web page and are vigorously working on our fully interactive site which will be up in January 2009.  Starting your own business is a labor of love and we have been putting a ton of love into dreamscapes design group!  One project that is nearing completion is the new website of renowned caterer A Thyme to Cook.  We will post images and links to their new site once it launches next month.  Ernie is also putting the final touches on a children's book he is illustrating and will be published later next year.  One of the many benefits of this type of business, is the excitement and challenge of working on so many different types of projects.  The common thread of these projects, is that each one is the visualization of our client's ideas and dreams. Let us help you design what you've been dreaming of!  Email us at for more information or call 860.367.2985. 

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